Boring and Brown to Modern and Cozy: Parent's Living Room Update

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If you saw my Instagram stories, this past weekend then you already know I was over at my parent’s house taking up some updated photos of their living room. I haven’t posted on here about it since March! To be honest, not much has changed since then. The floor lamp from West Elm did come in though, and my dad hung up some temporary wall art (in the form of framed album covers) because he was tired of looking at blank walls!


I’ve been dragging my feet with the finishing touches on this space because nothing I’ve been able to come up with has felt right to me. I really love the tone on tone look of this space and wanted to continue that sophisticated feel with the art choices. If not done right though, this look can really fall flat. SO… feeling uninspired and unsure is where I’ve been with this space… until I came across this design by Leanne Ford:

As soon as I saw that photo, I knew that some over-sized neutral art is what this space needs! I’m planning to move the round mirror (currently sitting on the console table) and hang it between the two back windows. On the wall above the console table is where I think a set up like the one is Leanne’s design would look amazing! I also think these would be super easy DIY projects! That wall has been bugging me because I never thought that the round mirror was big enough to make the impact I wanted it to.

Hopefully the round mirror will fit between these two windows

Hopefully the round mirror will fit between these two windows


I’m still a little stuck on what to put on the two walls on either side of the big window, but I did find some nice prints on Society6 that I think would go with the vibe I’m trying to achieve.

1   |   2   |   3   |   4   |   5

1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5

I’m also planning to play around with the coffee and console table styling. Whenever I’m there to take photos, I never have enough time to put towards those areas. Then the last thing (I think) left for this room is to find a side table to put in between the two chairs. My initial thought when first planning this room, was that I wanted a side table that was wicker or rattan to add some texture. But now that everything is together, I don’t think the space really needs that. I’m also not sure that style would mesh well anymore. I found three tables from West Elm that I like, but they’re all very different:

1   |   2   |   3

1 | 2 | 3

I love the sculptural shape of the white table but I also think the contrast of the black would look gorgeous in this room! And then the carved wood table is just so beautiful. Ugh can I just have them all please?!


Sooo here’s a quick recap of what I still need to finish up in here:

  • Art for either side of big window

  • Hang round mirror in between two back windows (if it fits)

  • Create DIY large, neutral wall art for console table wall

  • Choose table for between chairs

  • Nail down the right coffee/ console table styling

That’s not SO bad, right?! I definitely feel more confident about everything since being inspired by that Leanne Ford design. Sometimes all it takes is one spark of inspiration to get your whole project back on track!

Stay tuned for any updates, and be sure to follow along with my Instagram for any behind the scenes design making!