5 Tips for Shopping at Goodwill

I just recently discovered how amazing Goodwill can be, so I’m definitely no expert… YET! But I have picked up some techniques that make my shopping trips a little more efficient, so I decided to share those with you!

I mostly go to Goodwill expecting to find random decor items- baskets, pottery, etc. There have been a couple times where I’ve scored some great pieces of furniture which is a huge bonus! Most decorative items are priced between $1-$5, I remember my first time at one I really thought everything had been priced wrong!

Before I get into my tips, I’ll share some photos of my finds (I put black rectangles around the pieces I found at a Goodwill)!

 This vintage MCM dresser is BY FAR the best thing I’ve ever found! It was only $15!!

This vintage MCM dresser is BY FAR the best thing I’ve ever found! It was only $15!!

 This chair was also only $15, and in fantastic shape!

This chair was also only $15, and in fantastic shape!

 A closer view of the decor on my dresser. That mini peacock chair was only $2 or $3!

A closer view of the decor on my dresser. That mini peacock chair was only $2 or $3!

 Mixing in Goodwill finds with newer items is so fun, and gives your space a collected look!

Mixing in Goodwill finds with newer items is so fun, and gives your space a collected look!

With all of the unique pieces I’ve found, Goodwill has quickly become my go-to whenever I need some new shelf decor! Here are the tips I’ve put together for making the most out of your shopping trips!

1.) TRY TO GET THERE WHEN IT OPENS. Since I work full time during the week, most of my trips happen on Saturday or Sunday. The aisles in some of the stores are pretty narrow and it can be tough to navigate when it gets too crowded. I also like having first pick over the inventory!

2.) HAVE SHELF STYLING PHOTOS SAVED ON YOUR PHONE. Goodwill shelves are usually packed to the brim with tons and tons of stuff! There is a lot of JUNK surrounding all of the good stuff. Everything can be pretty overwhelming and sometimes it makes it harder for me to decide if something is actually cool or not. That’s when I look at pictures of my favorite “shelfies” I have saved on my phone or in Pinterest to help me remember what types of decor items I’m looking for.

3.) ALWAYS GET A CART. I always get a cart when I first walk in- whether I’m planning to get a lot of stuff or not. In addition to getting a cart, I recommend to put anything in your cart that catches your eye. If you like something but don’t grab it, you could decide after shopping around that you do and it might be gone! I always fill my cart up then edit it down before checking out.

4.) FIND OUT ABOUT OTHER GOODWILL STORES IN YOUR AREA. After my first trip to a local Goodwill, I asked the cashier if there were any others nearby that had more furniture. He told me about another one about 15 minutes away that is larger- I went the next day and scored that awesome Mid-Century Modern dresser! I’m lucky to live in an area that has several all within a 10 mile radius. I’ve found that they’re all good for different things. One is better for shelf decor, the other is great for furniture, and the third one has a ton of great decorative books and baskets.

5.) SIGN UP FOR A REWARDS CARD. Their rewards card is quick to sign up for and every day different items are 25% off. It also makes you eligible for any random sales they might have. One time I went in and everything was 50% off for card holders.

Hope these tips are helpful! If you have any of your own, feel free to share!!

A Roundup Of My Fav One Room Challenge Spaces (Guest Participants)

Hello! I’ve gone through all of the guest participant One Room Challenge reveals and decided to post some of my favorites here! There were over 200, so what I’m posting is just a small, small sample size of the amazing talent out there!

1.) First up is this incredible kitchen transformation by Kristina Lynne. She was able to make her kitchen look like an entirely different space in just six weeks!! It’s insane! I love how she was able to create a feeling of warmth within her all white kitchen. And the styling on those open shelves is perfection!!

2.) Little boy’s nursery by Sypsie Designs. The wall treatment and paint color are just amazing, and I LOVE how the brass light fixture pops! The whole room has such a cozy feeling, which is exactly what you want in your little one’s room!

3. Shared toddler room by The Learner Observer. Another room with board and batten wall treatment, painted a moody color! I’m in love with how she chose a neutral wallpaper to put above the dark wall and that shelf between the two is so adorable! I also love all the fun little kid touches in the art, toys, and pillow.

4. Powder room by Girl and Grey. Courtney’s powder room reveal is one I was definitely excited to see! The flamingo wallpaper is SO fun, and the wall treatment below it looks amazing. What I love most about it though, is the sink… which you can’t see in this picture so I probably should have picked a different one— but go to her blog and check it out! It’s so different and perfect!

5. Family room by Susie Brown. Susie’s ORC challenge progress is another that I followed very closely from almost the beginning. Her reveal did not disappoint! Her family room now has such a warm, collected, and cozy vibe to it and I LOVE it! The color palette and mix of materials all work together to make this space super dreamy! Plus she’s got a super cool eye ball lamp! ;-)

6. Playroom by Harper Rae Design Co. This little girls playroom is so adorable. What little girl wouldn’t want this sweet little space to be theirs?! I love how there is plenty of color, but it doesn’t feel overwhelming at all. That modern shelf & big baskets look like super stylish yet functional storage— which is something I’m always on the hunt for!

7. Bathroom by Studio Gaspo. I first became obsessed with this ORC design when I saw the floor tile she chose! Then I saw her stacked subway tile, and all her other plans and it quickly became one of my faves! The end result turned out beautifully! I love how she turned a mid-century dresser into a vanity!

8. Master Bedroom by Cate Holcombe. This room just screams cozy!! The velvet drapes, plaid headboard, vintage art, and brass sconces all compliment each other perfectly! I would have such a hard time ever leaving this room!

So those were just some of my favorites from this Fall’s One Room Challenge Guest Participants! This was such a fun experience for me and I’ve had the opportunity to connect with some awesome designers that I otherwise might not have met! Do yourself a favor and head over to the ORC blog and check out the other participants! (Only when you have a few hours to spare though because you will totally get sucked in!)

One Room Challenge Week 6: THE REVEAL!

Week 6 of the One Room Challenge is here! I’m so excited to show the final product of our master bedroom makeover. I’ll let this post be mostly photos (because that’s what people really care about)! But be sure to check back for a second post where I’ll show some more before/afters + progress photos— I’m also planning to go into more detail about why I made certain decisions (and then sometimes changes to those decisions).

Just in case you need to catch up on my previous posts-
(Week 1, Week 2, Week 3, Week 4, & Week 5)

And now.. here are the pictures:


I really wanted to turn our room into a calm and cozy space. I’m so happy with how it turned out- the pictures really don’t do it justice! I also did my best to keep the cost down- shopping at thrift stores whenever possible (including that brown leather chair for $15!!). Most of the pieces I got were from Goodwill, IKEA, Target, and HomeGoods. That gorgeous print above the chair was provided to me from Sarah Nightingale- the quality of the print is amazing! You can see every brush stroke perfectly!


We already had this dresser, I just replaced the knobs with some simple matte black ones I found on Amazon. I love this sleek & modern lamp I found at Target- it’s dimmable and has USB ports!


I debated on what to put over our bed for a while, and then I came across this round wall decor I got at Target a couple years ago! I’ll probably replace it once I find the perfect piece of art, but for now I think it works pretty well in this space! I also LOVE that colorful, vintage painting I found at a local thrift store! It adds some fun into the room without being too crazy.


We literally JUST added these shelves today and I love them!! Something about how it looked before just didn’t feel right to me. I could have just let it go and it still would have looked fine, but I knew that it could be better! I’m definitely going to paint over the white brackets with the same paint color as the wall so that they blend in more. In this area, I also decided to paint the closet doors this dark gray/black color (Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams).


And just in case you forgot, here are the BEFORE photos of our room…


ANDDD I have to put the listing photo in for good measure!


There you have it! Thank you so much for following along with my first (but definitely not last) One Room Challenge! Be sure to check out the featured designers + other guest participants, there are SO many awesome designs out there! HUGE thank you to Linda Weinstein & the One Room Challenge team for organizing this event! It’s been so fun and full of supportive people! Looking forward to next season’s challenge!