10 Ways to Update Your Home Using PAINT

I was looking back on all of the listing photos of our house the other day and realized something… except for having the wall to wall carpet replaced in our playroom, we haven’t done any major renovations to our home. Which is kind of crazy, because it honestly looks like a totally different house inside now!

When we moved in, I was 8 months pregnant and we were putting any extra income aside for unexpected home repairs (which we’ve had to do several of already) and for baby + daycare costs (which uses ALL of our extra income and then some). As much as I’d love to renovate our kitchen and bathrooms, it hasn’t been realistic to even start thinking about those projects yet.


But I knew that just because we couldn’t start ripping stuff out, that didn’t mean we had to live with things the way they were! I’m a HUGE believer in doing whatever you can to make your home more comfortable. You don’t have to wait until you have enough money saved for a renovation- there are so many easy + affordable solutions that can totally transform your space!

One of my favorite tools for room makeovers is paint! I’m listing out 10 ways you can use paint to makeover your home. Most of these I’ve done in my own home, and every time- I always wished I would have done it sooner!


1 ) WALLS. This one is SO obvious, but I had to include it because fresh wall paint can make a room feel like a brand new space! I’m a huge fan of white walls, but a dramatic bold wall can also totally transform a room!

2 ) CABINETS / VANITIES. We painted our kitchen cabinets and it instantly brightened up the room! I’ve also painted all of our bathroom vanity cabinets- such an easy and affordable update that makes a big difference. You can buy a sample of paint from Home Depot for $5, and it will be more than enough to paint your bathroom vanity!

3 ) COUNTERTOPS. Painting our kitchen countertops has been the best DIY project I’ve ever done! I chose to hand paint a marble look which added a lot of time + work, but SO worth it! I also just recently painted our guest bathroom countertop and I love it!

4 ) INTERIOR DOORS. I painted all of our first floor interior doors a shade of black a little while ago, and I can’t believe how amazing they look! I never realized how much was lacking from those areas until after the doors were painted- I 100% recommend everyone painting their doors ASAP!


5 ) BACKSPLASH. Our kitchen backsplash was originally a weird shade of peach/tan with fruit on some of the tiles. The color was so drab, and always looked dirty. After I painted it white, it looked SO much better! All you need to do is clean the tile, paint with primer, and then use regular wall paint! It’s been over a year since I did ours, and it’s held up perfectly!

6 ) FIREPLACE BRICK/ STONE. We don’t have a fireplace, but my parent’s do and so does my sister at her beach house. They both painted the brick, and they turned out amazing! My friend Brooke recently painted her brick fireplace, and it really brightened up her space.

7 ) WINDOW TRIM. Sadly, all of our windows have white framing between the glass, so I don’t think painting the trim would really work for us. But I’ve seen so many other people paint their trim a contrasting color, and it really gives their home an updated look!

8 ) FLOORING. This is something I haven’t tried yet, but definitely want to! There are so many different stencil options available now, you can achieve pretty much any look you could want! You can also just paint your tiles a solid color if you’re going for a simple, clean look. Most of the painted tiles I’ve seen have been in a bathroom or laundry room, but if you have tile on the floor around your fireplace… or a tiled entryway floor- those would be great to update too!

9 ) BUILT INS. If your home came with built in shelving that are a color or wood tone that you don’t love- paint them! Putting a fresh coat of paint (or even a couple of different colors!) can make the entire room feel updated!

10 ) OUTDATED LIGHT FIXTURES. My home has PLENTY of these. I haven’t gotten around to painting any yet, but it’s definitely on my (growing) to-do list! I’m talking about those old flush-mount lights that were made in the 70’s, cheap bathroom vanity lighting, or those super shiny brass chandeliers… lights that aren’t “in-your-face” ugly so they’re not a priority for replacing… but you still want to do something about them in the mean time. Paint is perfect in this situation!

Hope these ideas inspire you to change up something that’s been bothering you about your home!