I posted earlier on my Instagram a few photos of how our living room has evolved since moving in.  I have an overall plan in my head of how I want the finished room to look and we've been getting there little by little.  Amber Lewis of Amber Interiors is definitely my main inspiration-- I'm completely obsessed with how all of her designs perfectly combine mid-century modern, California laid back,  and bohemian styles.  The way she mixes different textures and materials is flawless.  AND-- she started out by writing a blog documenting her experience as a first time homeowner (sound familiar??!)!  Here are some living rooms designed by her that have inspired me.  (You can check out all these + more on her website).

amber interiors + living room 2.jpg

Now here are some shots of our living room.  The first BEFORE photo is the listing photo.  Maybe one of these days I'll do a post on staging your home for listing photos... Anyway... the three photos after that show how it looked after we moved in and to how it looks today (last photo).  When we moved in, we moved all of the furniture and decor from our previous apartment.  We've been slowly swapping pieces out and will hopefully soon get to the look that we want!

listing photo.jpg

I've put together a design board of how I want our living room to end up (links to the products will be posted under it).  Of course there's a good chance that I change my mind a million more times before we finish it!!  Let me know what you think, and follow along on my Instagram to keep up with the latest changes!