With Thanksgiving just two weeks away (what??!!) I thought I'd do a post about table settings.  I found three beautiful and unique settings to hopefully get you feeling inspired!  Along with each picture, I included how you can get the look on your own!

Please note this post contains some affiliate links, which means I make a small commission with your purchase.

I love this beautiful, neutral table setting.  The muted tones of the heirloom pumpkins and bay leaves combined with mixing gold and copper metals gives off a romantic vibe.  I included a link to a pre-made garland, but you could just as easily purchase some stems of any greenery and lay them out yourself.  I'm in love with the ruffle detail on the table cloth I found below!

Via Coco Kelley

Via Coco Kelley

This look doesn't require a lot of different pieces, but it still packs a big punch.  The dark table cloth and plates allow the floral centerpiece to be the star of the show.  Instead of splurging on a pre-made centerpiece, I love getting a few bouquets from my local grocery store and reconstructing them to look the way I want.  The wood plate chargers here are also a beautiful touch.

This last setting has more of a fun, whimsical feeling.  The plates are mismatched- but all in gold, white, and black to keep them coordinating.  I love the unexpected pop of color in the rich, purple napkins.  The centerpiece is mostly greenery, which is a lot less expensive to recreate!  I would mix some orange, deep purple, and a little bit of pink flowers into the greenery then add some white pillar candles to finish off this centerpiece.