This isn’t my typical design post, but still design related!  Ever since having my son this past July, I’ve struggled to find products and toys that don’t totally ruin my living room design.  I’ll never understand why baby toys have to be huge, brightly colored plastic contraptions!  After putting in some time and research, I’ve been able to find a few products that have a more modern look.  I thought I'd share in case anyone else has this problem!  If you have any product recommendations, feel free to leave them in the comments!

Please note: this post contains affiliate links.

1. Bumbo Changing Pad: I wish I had gotten this!  It costs more than a regular changing pad, but you don’t need to buy any covers for it AND you can just wipe it down to clean.  The neutral color and simple design easily blend into any décor.

2. Skip Hop High Chair: I love the modern design of this high chair.  It looks more like a normal piece of furniture than a big, plastic baby seat.

3. IKEA Baby Gym: What I love about this toy is that it’s so easy to put to the side when it isn’t being used… unlike the big, bright colored play mat and gym I bought on a whim.

4. Baby Walker & Blocks: You really can’t go wrong with wooden toys! This is a walker with blocks so it’s a two for one!

5. Baby Bjorn Bouncer: I haven’t tried this for my son, but my niece has it and loves it!

6. Fisher Price Floor SeatWe were in between getting this and the bumbo seat.  We ended up going with this and my son loves it!  You can also start using it a little earlier than the bumbo because the back goes up a little higher.

7. Skip Hop Activity Center:  I definitely plan on getting this for my son.  I love the clean lines plus white and gray design.  As a bonus – it converts into a normal kids table for when they’re older!

8. Chicco Bassinet:  I love this bassinet.  It has a clean design and comes apart for easy travel.  My son slept in this every night until he transitioned to his crib.