We bought our first home in May 2017, and have been working hard to make it our own!  I posted the listing photos as the "Before" shots, and as you can see- we had our work cut out for us.  What really sold us on the house was the deck-- which I will definitely post photos of once we have it all furnished!  So far we've painted every single room, had the playroom carpet replaced, and did a major face lift to the kitchen (using just paint)!!  This is in addition to all of the shoddy electrical work we didn't know we were going to have to have fixed, and replacing several of the appliances.  Our home is still a work in progress, and I only put up the rooms that are basically complete -- so be sure to check back for any updates!


living room before 1.jpg


dining room before.jpg


kitchen before 1.jpg


nursery before.jpg


playroom before.jpg