Holiday Gift Guide 2018 (Last Minute Gift Ideas!)

Every single year I tell myself that I’m going to start my Christmas gift shopping early… and then every single year I’m scrambling around trying to get it all done in the days leading up! SO if you’re like me and still trying to think of some last minute gift ideas, I’ve put together a gift guide- with a few gift ideas for everyone on your list! You can find all the links below the image! (And a lot of them are from Amazon, so you’ll definitely get them before Christmas!)

OH- and everything (except one thing) on this list is $30 or under!!

Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase- at no extra cost to you.


1) 3 Pack Socks: I always see this meme that’s a chart of your excitement for getting socks as a Christmas present going up the older you get… and it’s so true!! And make those socks have a fun pattern, and the excitement is through the roof haha!

2) Winter Hat: Love this fun bright blue color, and who doesn’t need a winter hat?!

3) Sweatpants (for him): As soon as my husband and I are home from work, the cozy pants go on!! Comfy pants in the winter = everything.

4) Wireless Charging Pad: This thing is just cool- you can charge your phone without having to worry about the annoying cord being attached to it!

5) Slippers (for him): Comfortable slippers are a must have for the winter!!

6) Wireless Headphones: These are awesome for listening to music or your favorite podcast while working out— or anytime really!

7) Wireless Speaker: Being able to play your music through a blue tooth speaker is so convenient! I love that this one would also look cute out on display!

8) Macrame Hanging Chair: This is the one item on the list that is over $30, but it’s still under $60! BUT how fun would this be!!? Your boho loving friend would be so excited to get this gift!

9) Scented Candle: I can’t speak to the scent of this exact candle, but it has good reviews and the jar is cute! Any subtle scented candle in a cute container (NOT Yankee!!) would make a great gift!

10) Oversized Throw Blanket: Give me ALL the throw blankets please!! Especially ones that are big enough to snuggle under from my shoulders to my toes!!

11) Blanket Scarf: I love a good blanket scarf. They keep you warm AND they instantly make you look more pulled together!

12) Hanging Planters: I love how unique this set of 2 planters is! But please note that it doesn’t come with the plants or plant pots.

13) Winter Hat (for her): A great, neutral hat that can go with any color coat is definitely a must have!

14) Joggers (for her): Just like with the sweatpants for him- joggers or any comfy pants just a necessity come winter!! I love when they are slim fit so you can totally get away with wearing them to run errands!

15) Sweater (for her): Can’t go wrong with a neutral, comfy sweater! Sweaters and jeans are my winter uniform!

16) Sticker Book: My son (who is 1.5) has been really into stickers lately! This book lets you stick the stickers on the pages but then you can peel them off and re-stick somewhere else on the page!

17) Sing with Me Book: My son LOVES this book! It has 5 or 6 songs and you press the button on each page to hear them. He loves that he can play them himself and dance to them!

18) Fox Stuffed Animal: My son is also really into his stuffed animals right now. I got him for Christmas by this brand, but it’s a sloth (my fav animal)!

19) Play Cleaning Set: How CUTE is this?! My son loves pretending to clean with our real broom and mop, so I think he’d love to have a set that was his size! Never too soon to get them started on chores! ;-)

Another gift idea that I’ve loved doing in the past is something that’s more of an experience- ie: gift card to a restaurant or a cooking class. I hope you’ve all found this helpful, I tried to include a little bit for everyone!


IKEA's 75th Anniversary Collection: GRATULERA

In honor of their 75th anniversary, IKEA has created a new collection that will feature their popular designs of the past!  The collection (GRATULERA) will be released in 3 separate launches: 1950s-1960s comes this month, 1970s-1980s will be released in October, and then 1990s-2000s will come in December.
So far, only the images of the first launch are online and it has an amazing mid-century modern vibe.  I'm really looking forward to seeing the 70s-80s collection!  Also: everything is limited edition so if you see something you like, be sure to scoop it up!  I'm trying to think of where I could put that rattan chair!!

via  IKEA

via IKEA