Updating Nathan's Nursery on a Budget

I love Nathan’s nursery, but lately it seems like all of the toys and books distract him from being able to take a nap! Sometimes instead of falling asleep, he will stand and point at all the fun stuff in his room. I decided that I need to try and make him room feel more calm and relaxing, so he knows it’s a space where he is supposed to sleep.

Here are a couple of photos of how it most recently looked before I swapped some things out:


And here is the design board I put together for how I’d like his room to eventually look. The only things I’ll have to buy new are the curtains + rug! Everything else I can shop from other rooms in my home. A few of the items I put on my design are just to show something in his room that I can’t actually find online (ie: his dresser that I painted, the glider, and the wicker shelf I bought on Facebook). I did, however, link any products I could below!
*Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

The first thing I did was move most of his toys down to his playroom and style his shelves with neutral accents. I also decided to take down the pendant light and replace it with a table lamp + side table I already had. The pendant light felt a little too harsh for the look I was trying to achieve. I took a photo after making these small changes and I’m already loving how it looks so much more!


After looking at this photo, I also decided that the print to the right of the window needs to be replaced with something less stark. As of right now I’m thinking a round mirror that I already own, but I could also picture some sort of vintage art in that spot. This photo also confirmed to me that he definitely needs a larger rug, with less pattern and more faded colors. I’m also excited to see this space with the darker curtains. I think they will not only look a lot better, but the darker shades will make it easier for Nathan to nap during the day.

I’m so excited about these changes, and even more excited that most of it can be accomplished without spending any money! Be sure to check back for an update once it’s finished!