Updating Nathan's Nursery on a Budget

I love Nathan’s nursery, but lately it seems like all of the toys and books distract him from being able to take a nap! Sometimes instead of falling asleep, he will stand and point at all the fun stuff in his room. I decided that I need to try and make him room feel more calm and relaxing, so he knows it’s a space where he is supposed to sleep.

Here are a couple of photos of how it most recently looked before I swapped some things out:


And here is the design board I put together for how I’d like his room to eventually look. The only things I’ll have to buy new are the curtains + rug! Everything else I can shop from other rooms in my home. A few of the items I put on my design are just to show something in his room that I can’t actually find online (ie: his dresser that I painted, the glider, and the wicker shelf I bought on Facebook). I did, however, link any products I could below!
*Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

The first thing I did was move most of his toys down to his playroom and style his shelves with neutral accents. I also decided to take down the pendant light and replace it with a table lamp + side table I already had. The pendant light felt a little too harsh for the look I was trying to achieve. I took a photo after making these small changes and I’m already loving how it looks so much more!


After looking at this photo, I also decided that the print to the right of the window needs to be replaced with something less stark. As of right now I’m thinking a round mirror that I already own, but I could also picture some sort of vintage art in that spot. This photo also confirmed to me that he definitely needs a larger rug, with less pattern and more faded colors. I’m also excited to see this space with the darker curtains. I think they will not only look a lot better, but the darker shades will make it easier for Nathan to nap during the day.

I’m so excited about these changes, and even more excited that most of it can be accomplished without spending any money! Be sure to check back for an update once it’s finished!

Modern Baby Products to Add to Your Registry

Last October I wrote a post called Baby Products That Aren't Ugly, and it is still my most clicked on post!  That clearly means that there are a ton of other people out there searching for baby products that blend in a little better with their decor.  It makes sense too-- when your baby is an infant, they don't care what color any of their gear is!  In fact, I've read that infants actually prefer the high contrast of black and white!  So if your baby doesn't care, and you have to look at these products all day- then why shouldn't they be designed to suit your taste?  So I pulled together another list of modern baby gear that won't take away from the design of your home!


1. Baby Bloom Coco Lounger

I love the natural wood and clean lines of this baby bouncer/lounger.  There are more color options for both the seat and the base.  This is definitely a piece that would fit into any decor!

2. Wooden Activity Gym

This wooden play gym from Pottery Barn Kids is so cute! All you need to do is lay down a blanket and you're set!

3. Bloom Baby Nano High Chair 

This high chair folds completely flat for easy storage. It can also be used as a chair at the table when your child is a bit older!

4. Activity Seat

I think my son would have loved this activity seat from Crate & Barrel. Plus it's all cushioned, so there's no place for baby to hurt them self!

5. Modern Baby Blanket

LOVE this baby blanket from PB Kids/West Elm! It looks super soft for baby, but with a modern design that would look great draped over any sofa!

6. Cute Swaddles

I personally never used swaddles as actual swaddles. But I used them everyday to lay out for tummy time, or to protect the couch from spit up. Most of your pictures will probably have a swaddle in the background -- so make sure they're cute! ;)

7. Baby Bjorn Modern Bassinet

I know all babies are different, but I think it's pretty common for babies to sleep in a rock & play or bassinet for the first couple months. The modern look of this one instantly caught my eye!

8. Skip Hop Changing Pad

I know I had another wipe clean changing pad in my last post but that's because I really think they're genius! We ended up NEVER using the changing pad cover on ours, it was such a waste! Might as well skip that step and get one that's not meant to have a cover!

9. Stroller Gloves

This is not really a "modern baby gear" product, but more of a recommendation. These stroller gloves stay attached to the handle of your stroller so you can easily slide your hands in and out! These would be especially useful if you live in a city where you do a lot of walking.

So there are my top modern baby products that I would definitely have on my registry if I were to go back in time!  I do want to mention that for high chairs, make sure you look into one that has straps that can easily be removed.  You will definitely be washing those bad boys quite often once your baby starts eating solids!!


Whether you have a dedicated room in your house to use as your children's play area or they play in their bedrooms, I've put together 7 seven things to help make these spaces as functional as possible! Plus I've included some amazing playroom inspiration!!


1. Storage
No playroom is complete without at least 10,000 baskets! How else can you quickly clean up before company arrives?! PLUS one of my son's favorite things to do is taking said baskets and dumping out all his toys-- so they also double as a fun activity! :) In addition to baskets, cube organizers are a great way to store and even categorize toys.

2. Comfortable Flooring
This is something that didn't even occur to me before I had Nathan. Obviously before kids learn how to walk, they're crawling everywhere-- and as the parent you're usually sitting on the floor near them. Luckily, we couldn't replace our playroom floor with hardwood like I wanted and we instead got a new and super cushioned carpet! I'm never worried when Nathan tumbles over or slips when he's trying to climb up something that's not meant for climbing! If you don't have wall to wall carpeting, an area rug with a thick rug pad will definitely do the trick!

3. Display for Kids Artwork
I love when kids artwork is hung up, it's always so colorful and creative! You can hang it up by clothespins on a string, or frame it as part of a gallery wall!

4. Table + Chairs
Nathan isn't quite big enough for this one yet, but once he is I definitely plan to get a set! Every kid needs a dedicated space to sit and color or do crafts.

5. Cozy Reading Nook
I definitely want to encourage Nathan to love books-- and making a comfortable spot in his playroom where he can sit and read will hopefully do the trick. I love the idea of a comfortable chair/bean bag in a corner with a bookshelf or floating shelves he can reach. Kids books usually also have fun illustrations on the covers-- so displaying them on floating shelves also makes for great wall art!

6. Hideaway Spot
What little kid wouldn't love a little getaway spot where they can put their favorite toys and let the imagination run wild?! I would've loved my own little play tee-pee growing up! These days, there are plenty of tee-pee and play tent options available! I've even seen little pop up food trucks-- so cute!

7. Dress-up Clothes
I remember I always loved dressing up in different costumes when I was little! I want to keep a rack of different costumes-- doctor, fire fighter, chef, etc..-- that Nathan can easily access so he can play pretend whenever he wants to! I love seeing fun tutus and tiaras in little girls' playrooms!

I think the most important things to remember when designing a play area are to: keep it comfortable + safe, have practical storage that is easy to access, and have fun with it!  Baby/ kids areas should feel fun and whimsical- and it should definitely be a place that helps foster their imagination!

Children's art displayed - photo by  A Happimess Life via Project Nursery

Children's art displayed - photo by A Happimess Life via Project Nursery

Cozy reading nook via  Emily Henderson

Cozy reading nook via Emily Henderson

via Emily Henderson

via Emily Henderson


please note: this post contains affiliate links.

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I get a lot of questions on Instagram about where I buy certain things in my house so I've decided to start a new page to link up the furniture and décor you see in my photos!  There's a new page up top- or if you're on your phone you can find it under the Navigation drop down- called Shop My House.  I'll keep adding rooms to it, but for now I'm starting off with Nathan's nursery.  Some of the things are no longer sold so I've tried to find similar items so you can still achieve the look.  You can find all of the links here!  If you have any questions, please feel free to comment here or reach out through Instagram!

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