Creating a Unique Design on a BUDGET

I’ve always loved finding a good deal but since starting my first One Room Challenge, I’ve learned so much about not only finding the most affordable decor; but how to find affordable decor while also creating a unique & collected looking design.


I love Target as much as the next girl (probably even more) but I’ve found that whenever I find awesome Target clearance decor, there’s a very good chance that every other person on Instagram has also found it! And suddenly my space starts feeling less and less unique. (Totally not saying that I’ll ever quit Target clearance or Target in general— just making more of an effort to mix it in with other things!) Keep scrolling for some tips on how to decorate on a budget!


Instead of going to a big box store for shelf decor or baskets, I’ve started beginning my search at Goodwill! It has definitely become my go to spot for random shelf accessories and nice baskets. Almost all of the pieces I’ve found were under $5!

If you need solid colored pillow covers, definitely go to IKEA! They have so many different color options for under $10— also their down pillow inserts are amazing! I also always go to IKEA for curtains. They’re usually about $20-$30 for a pair AND they’re long enough to hang high! I always end up cutting a couple inches off the bottoms and then using hem tape to give it a finished edge.


I broke down the stores I’ve been going to the most and what I go to them for:

-Shelf styling accents (pottery, bowls, vases)
-Furniture (VERY hit or miss but when you do find something, it’s usually less than $20)

-Solid colored pillow covers
-Pillow inserts
-Light fixtures
-Wall frames
-Wall hooks
-Wall shelves
-Plant pots

HomeGoods / TJ Maxx
-Throw pillows (definitely your best bet to find cool, patterned pillows)
-Throw blankets
-Kitchen decor (wood cutting boards, dish towels, little bowls, etc)
-Big artificial plants

I love stores like HomeGoods because their inventory is constantly changing and you’re less likely to see your decor in everyone else’s home. Another thing I’ve been doing is going through the furniture and decor we have stored away in the basement and selling things on Facebook Marketplace. Clearing out clutter AND getting some extra spending cash?? WIN/WIN!

I haven’t been to any estate sales yet, but I know that they can be another great resource for budget decorating! You can find upcoming estate sales in your area by googling “estate sales + your zip code”. They usually have photos of everything that will be for sale, so you’re not going in blind.

Those are all my latest secrets for decorating on a budget! I’d love to hear of any other places you guys love, let me know in the comments!

THE LOOK FOR LESS | Anthropologie Dining Room

I've had this Anthropologie dining room image saved on my phone since the first time I saw it! I immediately fell in love with how they mixed neutrals, different textures, and pops of bright colors! Sadly -- to get this exact look from the store would set you back over $5,000! And that's not even including the dishes or candlestick holders!

Image via  Anthropologie

Image via Anthropologie

I recreated this look two different ways, and at way more affordable prices!! The first look (below) comes in at around $1,810.00 for everything!! The chairs have a similar bright, festive design. I kept the rug neutral so it didn't compete too much with the chairs, but the diamond design and texture reminded me of the Anthropologie one. The pendant and dishes (for four settings) are both under $30!! You can find the links to everything under the photo.

Look # 2 is a little more expensive at around $2,311, but the table is almost an exact duplicate of the Anthropologie one.  I found these chairs that have the fun design only on the backs, and paired them with a rug that has similar colors to the Anthropologie rug. I think mixing these chairs and rug gives the design a fun, eclectic feel. It doesn't look overwhelming since the chairs have only whites and grays in the design.

With so many affordable online decor and furniture resources, there's no reason why you shouldn't be able to recreate the look of your favorite stores! You just need to decide what it is you like most about the design and seek out those elements!