I’m still new to the whole thrifting world (just started about 6 months ago), but I think I’ve definitely made up for lost time! I’m fortunate enough to have 3 different Goodwill locations all within a 10 mile radius of my house. The first time I stepped foot in a Goodwill store, I was actually just trying to waste time until the Anthropologie down the road opened up. I was shocked at the crazy low prices and the amount of cute (and great quality) baskets + other decorative items they had! Every time I go browse a Goodwill now, I always try to bring at least one bag of giveaway clothes.

Thrift shopping is definitely hit or miss. I seriously lucked out on my first 3 or 4 trips, I thought it was normal to always find a cartload of awesome decor! There are a few things I keep in mind when thrifting, and I can usually find at least one or two things to add to my collection! Before I get into the items I always look for, I want to give a quick thrifting tip: try and stick to a particular color palette with everything you buy. As you can see in the photo above, I pretty much never stray from neutrals (tans, browns, black, white). I do this because it allows me to mix and match my different finds, and they always look good together!

Now here are a few things I always buy when I see them….

pottery + vases
I always scoop up any pottery that looks handmade or unique vases that I come across! Something might not look very special in the store, but it could be the last little detail your shelf needs to look complete!

brass accents + wooden bowls
Always, always, always buy brass candlestick holders when you find them! They are so versatile- I’ve used mine on my dining table, credenza, coffee table, and open shelves! I also think you can never go wrong with a vintage brass figurine. Wooden bowls + trays are also incredibly versatile (and functional). I have one by our entryway to hold our keys, and on both nightstands. They also look great as shelf decor!


unique decor , art , + books
Unique accents like this mini peacock chair and the metallic tray are always good to have on hand. Items like these really bring character into a space. Anytime I find a small piece of art that has fairly neutral colors (like these two seascapes), I always buy them. I’ve used these as both shelf decor, and wall decor! The last thing I looove getting at Goodwill is books! I love using books as decor, but new books can be pretty pricey. All of the books I’ve bought at Goodwill have been under $3! I look for books that have black, gray, white, or brown covers, and it’s a bonus if they’re about a topic I’m interested in! I’ve even bought books just because I liked some of the pictures inside and wanted to tear them out to frame as art.

So there are my latest tips for your next thrifting adventure! Be sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with any new treasures I come across! I’ll leave you all with my favorite view of my thrifting finds collection…


I posted a few weeks ago about how I was starting a mini makeover on our guest bathroom. I wrote that I had hoped to get all the painting finished, new mirror hung, and wall shelves up all in one weekend… well apparently I cursed myself! That same day I posted, I went home and started painting the counter top. I forgot to get primer, but I went ahead and started painting anyway thinking it wouldn’t be a big deal. BIG mistake… the layers of paint started getting tiny air bubbles and I knew that I would have to scrape it all off and start over the right way. That was a huge bummer, so I decided I would take a break from painting to remove the old medicine cabinet and hang this new mirror I bought. I figured that would be something quick and easy I could do that would make a big difference in the overall appearance… which would then get me back motivated to keep working!

Wellllll… I was wrong about that!! When I took the medicine cabinet down (which was screwed onto the wall- not set into the wall), I discovered a big hole behind it!


I’m thinking that this house originally had a medicine cabinet that was set into the wall and the previous owners just put a bigger mirror over top of the hole instead of patching it. (Side note… how terrible is that yellow paint color?!)

SO I had to run back out to Home Depot and ask the kind employees what supplies I needed and how I go about patching this size hole. I literally just followed the guy up and down the aisles while he put exactly what I needed in my cart (he even cut the wood and drywall patch to exactly the sizes I needed)! It is actually a pretty easy process, I’ll have to do it again in our master bathroom so I’ll put a tutorial together! The hardest part for me was screwing in some of the screws- I don’t have enough upper arm strength so I had to call in some backup from my husband… (he works out)! ;-)

Close up view of the hole I patched!

Close up view of the hole I patched!

Aside from patching the hole, I also:
-Scraped and repainted the counter top
-Hung two shelves above the toilet
-Painted the vanity
(For the cabinet color, I combined 3 different paint samples I already had on hand- SW Polished Concrete, SW Tin Lizzie, + SW Homburg Gray)

What I still have left to do:
-Seal the counter top with matte polyurethane
-Touch up the vanity paint
-Replace the cabinet knobs (going to use these black ones I have extra of from our bedroom dresser)
-Sand and paint the wall above the sink
-Hang mirror
-Find + install new light
-Find new rug

I’ve been having a hard time deciding on exactly what vanity light + rug I want, but I’ve started leaning towards a vintage Turkish rug. I feel like this space really needs a small statement rug to pull it all together. It might seem crazy to put a pricier rug in a place like a bathroom, but apparently wool rugs do great in them! I read this article from BrePurposed, and it definitely helped sway me towards “yes”.

This time I’m not even going to try and guess when I’ll accomplish the things on my to-do list because I don’t want to jinx myself! But make sure to follow me on Instagram to keep up with any progress updates, and hopefully I’ll be posting on here about it soon!

Design Process / Picking The Right Coffee Table

This year I’d like to include more blog posts about what my thought process is when designing rooms. I’ve learned a lot over the past year (and I’m still learning!) and I’d love to pass any knowledge or new ways of thinking about design onto you all!

I’ve been thinking about what type of coffee table to get for a while now. We were originally waiting because when our now toddler was first starting to walk, he had a tendency to hurt himself on any and all furniture- so it was just easier to not have one! Now that he’s a mature one-and-a-half year old (LOL), he has a little more control over his body and the only foreseeable issues are him 1.) climbing on top of it or 2.) pushing it out of the living room. BUT he has to learn appropriate behavior somehow, right?! So keep reading to see what I’ve been thinking about throughout my coffee table search!


important factors when picking my coffee table


*general rules of thumb:
-you should leave about 12-18” of space between coffee table and any seating
-height should be same as sofa seat or 1-2” lower

MY FILTER: 28” - 32” + ROUND ( I decided on round because this space is on the smaller side and round would make for easier flow of traffic)

*as with any design “rule” - these are just meant to guide you in the right direction, there will always be exceptions to the rule!

My style is very neutral. One thing I already knew was that in order to keep neutral or tonal rooms from feeling boring was to incorporate different textures. However, something that I kept forgetting to keep in mind was that in addition to texture, contrast is also very important in a room! I realized this when I couldn’t put my finger on why I wasn’t happy with my living room- it wasn’t because it needed any color, it’s because it needs something to break up the tans + whites. Contrast can also be bringing in a new material or mixing wood tones. I’m also not just looking at how the coffee table will look in the living room. Our dining room opens up to this space, so I’m keeping in mind the different colors and tones of wood that are in there.

MY FILTER: White, Gray, Brown

I don’t want to spend a ton on a coffee table, but I also would rather spend a little more on the “right” one than settle for a cheaper one that I just end up getting sick of in 2 months. I’ve been filtering for coffee tables under $300, but ideally would like to keep it under $250.

Another thing I’ve been keeping in the back of my mind is the weight of the coffee table (but this is not make or break). Our son is absolutely insane, and it would just make life easier if the coffee table was too heavy for him to push out of the room. I joked with my husband that it can’t be on the edge of heavy where he can sort of push it, because then it will just end up making him stronger haha! #boymomlife

*this post contains affiliate links


Sadly, after searching high and low… there weren’t many options for smaller coffee tables in my price range. I did however find a TON that I loved that were way too big… so if you’re in the market for a coffee table that’s 35” wide or bigger, you’re in luck! So anyway… for me, it really came down to two different tables - and one of the tables had two shades of wood I was considering.

You can see table number one in the photo above. I love this shade of wood, and I think it’s one that could compliment a lot of different furniture! My main concern is that when just looking at the living room, it’s not enough contrast and would just fall flat.


The shape of this second coffee table grabbed my attention right away, but I wasn’t totally sold on either of the two colors right away. I was worried the dark one would be too dark with the dining room furniture and side chair (my number one interior design pet peeve is a room with ALL DARK BROWN FURNITURE)! The “natural” wood color they offer really comes off as orangey/yellow on the website. I tried finding other photos of it through google but really had no luck. I suspect that it’s not actually that color in real life, but I’m not sure I want to take the risk of having to lug it into the store to return it if I don’t like it.

When I first started writing this post, I was still deciding on which one to buy. Since finishing though, I’ve pulled the trigger on one! Which do you think I went with?! I’m excited to show you all, and maybe a coffee table styling post will be coming in the future!


Happy Friday! I’ve decided that this weekend I’m finally going to tackle the mini-makeover I’ve been planning for our guest bathroom! The guest bathroom was the one room in our house that previous owners actually “updated”. Unfortunately, the floor tiles, vanity counter top, vanity cabinet, and shower tiles all clash with each other. On their own, they might be OK- but definitely not all together. I’ve been planning ways that I can re-do this space without ripping out any tiles (aka spending a lot of money). You all know that I’m a firm believer in the power of paint (here + here) and I’m hoping that it won’t fail me now!

Here’s a little slideshow of the progression of this space, starting with the listing photo:

The biggest clash was the vanity top with the cabinet part- and neither of which coordinates whatsoever with the floor and shower tiles. I won’t even get into how bad the yellow paint is - it just hurts my eyes. Anyway, after moving in I told Luke that I wanted to paint every room white (except for the dining room). He thought that was weird so I agreed that we could do the bathrooms different colors.

As you can see, we also removed the toilet paper holder and towel rack. They both felt like they were in very awkward spots. Right now, we’re using a freestanding toilet paper holder and we screwed towel hooks into the back of the door.

As for the paint: pretty color, but not for in here. The light blue combined with the tan was giving me major beach house vibes… but not the cool California kind, more like the themey-sail-boats-and-sea-shells-everywhere kind. Sooo he painted over it… with white. Lesson learned: always trust your gut!! After the walls were painted white, I decided to paint the vanity dark blue. I felt like it needed contrast between the tan counter and the tan floors.

In addition to painting the vanity (NYPD by Behr), I also used grout paint to brighten up the floor. And yes, one of the knobs hasn’t been replaced yet… I’m pretty sure they used some type of glue on it because it will NOT come off! I also replaced the hand towel holder with a hook, and installed it higher up. Previously, the towel would hang down SO low- it was very weird. These are things you need to think about before you start putting holes in your walls!

Here is a list of what I’m hoping to accomplish for this makeover:
-Paint vanity dark gray (Cyberspace by Sherwin Williams)
-Remove medicine cabinet and replace with regular wall mirror
-Replace light fixture (this probably won’t get done until next month)
-Paint vanity counter top white
-Paint shower tiles using this kit we already have
-Find a new rug
-Install shelves above toilet(?)

And here are some gorgeous inspiration photos that I’m keeping in mind by the talented Amber Lewis:

I how these designs are neutral but still have plenty of contrast to keep it interesting. I definitely want this space to finally feel cohesive with the rest of our house. I put together some boards of possible mirror and lighting options. These are all budget friendly and stylish at the same time!

Designer Tip: In my research of bathroom lighting and mirrors, I learned that when it comes to scale you should keep a triangle shape in mind. Meaning that, your light should be a little smaller in width than your mirror, and your mirror should be smaller in width than your vanity. *Applies to rectangle/square mirrors

ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE  |  SIX


ONE  |  TWO  |  THREE  |  FOUR  |  FIVE

I’d love to get the painting done and new mirror up this weekend, and possibly shelves if I decide to go in that direction! Usually when I make my mind up about something, there’s nothing that stop me from getting it done! Keep your fingers crossed that I’ll have a happy update post to put together next week!!

Neutral, Boho-Modern Updates to the Playroom

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the big chalkboard wall I added to Nathan’s playroom. That was just one step toward updating the playroom to make it more of a “family room/playroom” combination! My goal is to make this room flow with the rest of our house while making better use of the space.


Here are a couple of photos of how it most recently looked (before the chalkboard wall):


It was relatively neutral, but with a lot of little pops of color. Besides painting over the green stripes, the most obvious step to calming down the colors in this space was to remove the blue/purple area rug. Having no area rug in this room took some getting used to (it felt so empty at first!) but now it definitely seems like it was the right choice. Plus, with the way Nathan runs around- the rug never stayed where it was supposed to and that drove my OCD crazy!!


Nugget Comfort was kind enough to send us their “Nugget”! It’s in the shade “Sandcastle”, which is perfect for my neutral theme! This thing is seriously awesome, I have had my eye on it since before Nathan was even born! We’ve only had it for a few days now, but it is the first thing he wants to play with in the morning and the last thing he wants to play with before bed- it’s amazing!!

As far as other accessories and furniture… I figured that since kids books and toys are already so colorful, I could definitely get away with sticking to whites, greens, and wood tones without it feeling too boring.

The furniture layout was a little challenging for me. I ultimately decided to move the love seat further down and switch the corner that the tent was in. We’re planning to wall mount a TV across from the love seat, so that area will be zoned as the TV/movie watching area. The tent side of the room is more of the play area. I’m also searching for the perfect coffee table that can double as a craft table (if Nathan will ever sit long enough to color)!

I’m utilizing a little bit of wall space for storage here. The reusable produce bag is perfect for small stuffed animals, and the small Moroccan basket (that I thrifted) is holding his blocks! These also help to add some different textures to the space!


So that’s the latest on my boho/modern playroom update! I’ll be sure to update once the space is complete!

SAVE TIME & MONEY: 7 Home Products that Made My Life Easier!

I’m excited to share a few products I’ve been using lately that have made my life a little easier! Working full time, having a toddler, and trying to blog/ keep up with Instagram all mean very little time to get stuff done. So when I find a product that truly works or one that consolidates steps to get something done, I’m 100% on board with it!
*This post contains affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.


1.) 3M PATCH PLUS PRIMER: I love this tool!! It is for filling in nail holes and has a putty knife on one end and a patch of sand paper on the cap! It makes filling in annoying holes SO much easier. I especially love that you don’t have to go looking for sand paper, a putty knife, AND the spackle- everything is combined in one easy to use tool!

2.) DREAMBABY CABINET LATCHES: I 100% recommend these to anyone with a baby/toddler!! We’ve tried other cabinet locks in the past that worked but they were big and bulky and such a pain for us to open when we needed to. These are pretty much as sleek as cabinet locks come, but even better than that is the fact that it is SO easy for adults to open and when they’re unlocked, the lock doesn’t get in your way at all! We have them on our kitchen cabinets and drawers! They also come in two sizes.

3.) FULL CIRCLE HOME BUBBLE UP BRUSH: I’ve been using this for a while now and this dish brush is the real deal! Amazing quality- it’s held up so well! The fact that it actually looks pretty sitting on our counter is definitely a bonus!

4.) DISHWASHER SAFE BAMBOO CUTTING BOARD: I first saw these at HomeGoods and my mind was blown! I’m the person that always puts her bamboo cutting boards in the dishwasher until they eventually crack and break and I have to buy new ones (because plastic cutting boards just aren’t cute enough)! But a bamboo cutting board that is made to withstand the dishwasher?! YES PLEASE.

5.) FUZZ REMOVER: This tool is marketed to remove the pilling on your sweaters, but I got it because our sofa from West Elm started pilling and made it look SO old! This little thing did an amazing job of removing it from the fabric and made our sofa look brand new again! I will say that you do have to go over the same area a couple times, but I think it’s worth it!

6.) ZEP CARPET CLEANER: This stuff works miracles!! Our son had reflux as a baby and was constantly spitting up on our white carpet. I tried about 3 or 4 different carpet cleaners but this one was the only one that actually worked! It has even removed blackberries that he has spit out onto our carpet, black paint that I spilled, literally everything! I’ve even used it on our sofa before and it removed the stain perfectly!

7.) DYSON CORDLESS VACUUM: This one is pretty pricey but definitely worth it, in my opinion. Since getting it, we vacuum at least 4 times a week if not more. The ease of being able to quickly vacuum every room downstairs without having to unplug and plug/ deal with an annoying cord is something that you just can’t put a price on!! It comes in different models, with I think different battery strengths. If you have a bigger home then you might want to look into one with a battery that lasts longer. But this model is perfect for our 1800 sqft home. I’m able to vacuum our entire first floor and our stairs before it needs to be plugged back in.

So those are the products that I’ve been loving lately! Let me know if you have any must have home products I should try!!

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Adding a Chalkboard Wall to the Playroom!

Last week I posted a photo of an idea for our playroom in my Instagram stories. I got such good feedback from it, so I knew I had to go ahead and run with it!
Sadly, I didn’t take any progress photos but the steps are pretty straight forward! Here is the idea that I posted:

I knew I wanted a chalkboard wall somewhere, but wasn’t sure where or how I wanted it to look. I went back and forth in my head with possibly painting a shape on the wall (thinking the outline of a simple house or something). In the end though, I decided that painting it 3/4 of the way up the wall and then putting a simple floating shelf at the top would look the best!

Here is a photo of how it turned out:

I LOVE it, it’s so perfect for that space!! I’ve been having a blast doodling on it, and I know when Nathan is a little older he’ll get a ton of use out of it too! I’ll outline the steps and materials I used below!
*Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means I make a small commission from your purchase- at no extra cost to you.

Rust-Oleum Chalkboard Paint (one 30oz can was just enough for this wall)
2 Black Shelf Brackets
1 Piece of Wood (6”x8’ and had them cut it down to 80 inches at Home Depot to fit our wall)
High Density Mini Foam Roller

1.) This wall used to have green stripes painted on them, so first I had to sand down the side of the stripes to make the wall smooth.
2.) Clean the wall so there is no more dust from sanding and use painters tape to tape off how far I want the paint to go up.
3.) Use the foam roller to roll on the first coat of chalkboard paint. (This stuff really stinks just FYI!)
4.) Once the first coat is dry (about 30 min to 1 hour), you can go ahead with the second coat. I didn’t use a primer so I had to keep painting on several coats. Once the first one was dry though, I didn’t really have to wait as long for the others to dry in order to keep painting.
5.) A few hours after I was finished painting, I started hanging the shelf. First I located the studs in the wall. It worked out that there were studs 16 inches in on both sides.
6.) I screwed both brackets into the wall (placing the board on top and using the level on my phone to make sure the brackets were even).
7.) After screwing the brackets in, I needed my husband’s help with screwing the wood on top. It’s good to have two people so that the board doesn’t move when you’re drilling.
8.) Style + Enjoy!

*You need to wait 3 days before drawing on the chalkboard
**The board I bought was 6 inches and so was the bracket, so there is a small space in between the wood and the wall. It doesn’t make a difference though!

The whole project ended up costing about $40 (not including tools we already had) and it was SO worth it!

You can see the small space between the shelf and the wall in this photo.

You can see the small space between the shelf and the wall in this photo.

Updating Nathan's Nursery on a Budget

I love Nathan’s nursery, but lately it seems like all of the toys and books distract him from being able to take a nap! Sometimes instead of falling asleep, he will stand and point at all the fun stuff in his room. I decided that I need to try and make him room feel more calm and relaxing, so he knows it’s a space where he is supposed to sleep.

Here are a couple of photos of how it most recently looked before I swapped some things out:


And here is the design board I put together for how I’d like his room to eventually look. The only things I’ll have to buy new are the curtains + rug! Everything else I can shop from other rooms in my home. A few of the items I put on my design are just to show something in his room that I can’t actually find online (ie: his dresser that I painted, the glider, and the wicker shelf I bought on Facebook). I did, however, link any products I could below!
*Please note that some of these links are affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission from your purchase at no extra cost to you.

The first thing I did was move most of his toys down to his playroom and style his shelves with neutral accents. I also decided to take down the pendant light and replace it with a table lamp + side table I already had. The pendant light felt a little too harsh for the look I was trying to achieve. I took a photo after making these small changes and I’m already loving how it looks so much more!


After looking at this photo, I also decided that the print to the right of the window needs to be replaced with something less stark. As of right now I’m thinking a round mirror that I already own, but I could also picture some sort of vintage art in that spot. This photo also confirmed to me that he definitely needs a larger rug, with less pattern and more faded colors. I’m also excited to see this space with the darker curtains. I think they will not only look a lot better, but the darker shades will make it easier for Nathan to nap during the day.

I’m so excited about these changes, and even more excited that most of it can be accomplished without spending any money! Be sure to check back for an update once it’s finished!

The Hunt for a NEW Dining Room Light

We replaced our dining room light fixture pretty soon after moving in. The one that came with the house was dated, always lopsided, just plain ugly! I chose this 3 light pendant from Lowes and I still really like it! However, I feel like our dining room needs something that makes a bigger statement. Here is how it looks today:


It definitely still looks nice, but then when you step back and look at the bigger picture, I feel like it gets kind of lost.

Before I get into my ideas, here is a listing photo from when we bought the house. We’ve come a long way!

I put together some images of our space with different lights to see how they look. I usually do stuff like this just for my own personal use (and to try and persuade my husband that we actually DO need new stuff!!) but I decided to make a post around this so you can see what my thought process is! I used both of the photos above to create these images, so you can see how it looks close up, as well as how it looks with the living room decor. They’re all from Wayfair except for one that I threw in for fun from Anthropologie.


ONE| Beaded Chandelier
This is the only boho style light that I chose and I kind of love how it softens up the mid-century table and dresser. I also love how it looks with the shag rug in our living room. This one is probably my top contender!

TWO| Four Light Sputnik
The rest of the fixtures are all sputnik style lights (except for the one from Anthropologie)! This one only has 4 lights, which I think is great for someone who likes the idea of sputnik lights but isn’t sure about diving right in with a big one.

THREE| Brushed Brass Sputnik
Here is a more traditional style sputnik light, with 6 lights. I like how the brass looks against the dark blue walls but I’m concerned it might be too much going on for the size of our room.

FOUR| Black Sputnik
The photo of this one has edison bulbs, but I would probably use round ones instead. The edison bulbs give it too much of an industrial vibe for me. I like how the black helps to kind of make it blend a little more, so it doesn’t feel as busy. I also have a lot of black accents in our living room that it ties into.

FIVE| Anthropologie Tilda Light
Andddd just for fun- this light from Anthro! Totally out of my price range but I love how the shape is more like a classic chandelier, but then the unexpected use of wood really makes it stand out! This would definitely be an awesome statement light to have!

So there are all my ideas so far! It’ll probably be a while before we actually replace it, but I’m always brainstorming! Let me know which one you like the best (just please don’t let it be the Anthro one)!!

**Please note that this post contains affiliate links, which means I might make a small commission off your purchase at no extra cost to you.