So… I’ve been wanting to tackle organizing our home for a while now. I’ve been saving home and closet organization tips on Pinterest and thinking about all of the things I can do... But I finally just now decided that I need to stop planning and dreaming and just start DOING! I’m going to begin my home organization project with one of our upstairs linen closets (we have two in our hallway that are right across from each other - makes NO sense). We really only use one right now though so I’m starting there!

It is currently in a very embarrassingly messy and disorganized state - and most definitely not being used efficiently AT ALL. I can’t believe I’m even going to post the before photo (which I took with my phone one morning for planning purposes only) — but I think it will help hold me accountable for actually finishing this project!



I’m the type of person that needs a designated spot for everything and I need small baskets or containers to group things. If I don’t have that, I tend to just pile random stuff up and close the door! There is currently a ton of stuff in this closet that doesn’t need to be there- duplicates of stuff because we couldn’t find what we were looking for, stuff that can be put down in storage, etc.

I’ve listed out each step I’ll need to do to help keep me on task:

1.) Decide what makes most sense to store in this closet
2) Empty out what’s currently in it
3) Make trash/giveaway piles
4) Think of a paint color for the inside walls OR stencil/ mural idea??**
5) Rearrange the inside of the closet structure?? (possibly move shelves up or down, add hooks, etc)
6) Arrange the necessities back into the closet in baskets/bins (with labels)

** Obviously step 4 isn’t necessary for the function of the closet… but I just like making things pretty!

Now I’m going to show you a bunch of pretty pictures to make up for that one super ugly one of my closet! These are some of the inspiration I found and the overall look I’d love to end up with.


I LOVE the wallpaper backing! [ source ]

I LOVE the wallpaper backing! [source]

The small labeled containers here are such a good idea, and they look great too! [ source ]

The small labeled containers here are such a good idea, and they look great too! [source]

I love the addition of the small glass jars. [ source ]

I love the addition of the small glass jars. [source]


I’m hoping that by starting with a smaller closet, I’ll be able to make quick progress… which will hopefully give me the motivation to tackle bigger spaces!

Be sure to check back for progress posts - and follow along with me on Instagram for even more updates!