From Traditional to Beachy Modern: More Progress on my Sister's Beach House!

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Last month I posted some major progress pics of my sister’s beach house living room (see post here)! Andddd I’m back with more! This time we also made some small changes to her dining room that made a BIG difference!


I am OBSESSED with how her dining room turned out! RugsUSA was kind enough to send me this rug, and it has made the table + chairs really stand out!! The rug itself has a beautiful pattern on it, but the colors are subtle which it gives it an awesome vintage feel. The material is jute with chenille woven in, which I’ve never seen before and I love it! We also had the super popular SINNERLIG pendant from IKEA installed, and I totally understand why everyone has one! It is even more gorgeous in person than it is in photos! We originally were planning to get this pendant, but knew deep down that it wasn’t going to be big enough to make the statement we wanted.

She already had this dining table + chair set that was passed down from my grandmother. My dad did a beautiful job refinishing it and painting the legs and chairs white! She also had a couple of pieces of art and a pretty rattan mirror.


I replaced one of the pieces of art with one of the pieces we originally had in the living room and put those two plants in the corner. We may end up doing something else with that back wall, but for now we’re going to live with this arrangement - I really love how the greens, yellows, and blues all work together!


Now… back to the living room…


We switched around some of the styling in here (pillows, bar cart, & wall art). She also already had that little bench, so she put it by the window for more seating.


I was pretty pumped about that capiz shell wall hanging I put up on the small wall above the floor plant!! I had found a capiz shell garland on super clearance at Michaels a long time ago- I knew I HAD to get it but I had no clue what I was going to use it for. So it sat… in a bag… in my closet… totally neglected. Then I realized I could use it here! I was a tad disappointed when my sister didn’t immediately share the same level of excitement, but she came around the next day lol!

My sister picked up these pretty blue cups that look awesome on the bar cart! She also bought a bunch liquor that she said she’s not going to drink because they’re just for decor. I told her she should just drink them and fill them back up with water… just like back in high school! (not my high school experience, of course... but I’ve heard that sometimes teens do that with their parent’s alcohol….but not me…. never… :-))


Now this is where that painting in the dining room used to be. Her and her husband just took a trip to Napa Valley and found this really pretty kitchen towel! She wanted to frame it for in here and I thought this was the perfect spot! I love the color it adds and how it still ties into everything else.


That’s all for now! I’m planning to do a big post including some of the listing photos of the house - they’ve come a LONG way!! So stay tuned for that! I’ve tried to link up most of the products below and for products that are no longer sold, I did my best to find similar items!