If you ever want 6 weeks of your life to fly by, just sign up for the One Room Challenge!! I seriously don’t know how we’re already at week 5! This is the last week of progress posts - all of the reveals go up next week!

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I honestly didn’t make many changes from last week - I have a bad habit of becoming very indecisive once I get to the final details of a design project! I did, however, get these two BEAUTIFUL chairs in the mail from Noir!! (THANK YOU SO MUCH!) I chose the Faley Chair - it’s made from gorgeous Teak and has a Seagrass Rush seat + back. It’s not hard to see how well these chairs are made, and they definitely help complete my design!


They are just the right amount of natural texture to balance out all of the modern elements! I also feel like they’re big enough to stand by themselves as a living room accent chair. Aside from the two chairs, nothing else has really changed. I’ve tested out A LOT of different decor, but nothing has really felt right so far.

You can see two small 5”x5” canvases on the wall above the stools from when I was trying to imagine how that would look

You can see two small 5”x5” canvases on the wall above the stools from when I was trying to imagine how that would look

I’m stuck on what to do on the wall above the two stools. I’ve thought about stitching together pieces of mud cloth for one large frame, creating a gallery wall grid of medium sized frames with different textiles, and more recently- wrapping a bunch of small (5”x 5”) canvases with different mud cloth pieces. My very original plan included beautiful Hmong fabric that I found on Etsy- but it’s been over a month and it still hasn’t been delivered. So I ordered some mud cloth scraps from Boho Pillow so I could create a back up plan. BUT now the tracking number for the Hmong fabric says that it’s in New York, so there’s a chance that it could arrive in time.

I also need to build and install the wall mounted bar cabinet, as well as a few other smaller DIY projects. I started out strong, but somehow still managed to stretch this out until the last minute! But at least there will still be plenty of surprises for next week’s reveal!

Make sure to check out the featured designers, as well as my fellow guest participants! AND COME BACK NEXT WEEK FOR THE FINAL REVEAL!!


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