Parent's Living Room Makeover - Modern, Traditional, COZY Update

HAPPY 2019! I am so excited that this is my first post of the new year! I’m helping my parents update their living room and it is SO fun to get all the thrills of shopping and decorating without spending any of my own money! It’s also fun for me to help create a comfortable space that I know my family will enjoy! A few years ago, I helped them update their family room and it made a HUGE difference. They had always bought matching furniture sets when furnishing their rooms- which meant all brown and not a lot of interest or depth.

This time we’re tackling the living room and I’m so pumped. It’s a huge room with a ton of natural light. Since this room is so big, I’d love to try “floating” the furniture in the room- as opposed to having it all pushed up against the walls. Here is the furniture layout I’d like to try, as well as the measurements of the room:

As you can see from the measurements, this is a pretty large space. The way they had their old furniture laid out made the room look smaller, and also had some wasted space. As of right now, they donated their old couch, big chair, and coffee table. My mom would like to keep the buffet/credenza they already have, and we’re also keeping the same rug. They bought a new sofa (which will be delivered in 6-9 weeks) as well as two chairs and a new coffee table. Here is the main plan I put together for them:

If you follow me on Instagram, then you already know I’m a huge fan of keeping things NEUTRAL! I think it’s super important to think of longevity when buying your more expensive pieces. The sofa, chairs, and coffee table are all neutral and nothing is crazy trendy about them. You can easily switch out pillows and throw blankets when you’re in the mood for more color. The pillows I have in my plan are all from Amber Lewis’ Shoppe— they’re gorgeous but also super expensive, so I’m just using them as inspiration for when we go to HomeGoods!


I love the idea of a simple bench along this wall- it fills the space while also providing additional seating for when they do need to host a big family party. Plus- it’s always a good idea to have a mirror near your front door! (The buffet in the photo above is the piece that my mom would like to keep in the room).


Every house needs a good SHELFIE spot (or three)! I would love to put shelves on this wall to add some height in this room, as well as visual interest. My dad has a TON of beautiful books that will be great to use as decor, and I’d also love to find some unique, thrifted decor to add in.

In my layout plan, I have the buffet/credenza in the back corner behind the sofa. I’m not entirely positive that it will work out there, but if I need to shuffle some things around- that’s ok! I also need to think of some spots to add in more lighting- I really want to add some plug in wall sconces! Some of the furniture will be delivered in a couple weeks, so be sure to check back for an update!

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