DIY Mexican Banner (Papel Picado)

Image via  The Glitter Guide

I’ve always loved Mexican folk art and crafts – the bright colors immediately make any place seem more fun!  I was lucky enough to have had grandparents who lived in Texas, right near the border.  As a kid, I remember we drove somewhere where we could park and walk over into a town in Mexico.  There were all kinds of stores and gift shops selling the coolest decorative accents and home décor.  I bought a pink serape blanket—now I wish I had bought about 10 more!!  Everything was so inexpensive too.  I wish I could go back just to browse through everything again!

With Cinco de Mayo quickly approaching, I’m sharing this quick and easy DIY papel picado banner!  Papel picado banners are those fun, brightly colored banners with intricate cut outs that you see hanging from ceilings during Mexican celebrations.  I actually started making these for Nathan’s first birthday party that’s in July.  Since they’re so easy, I decided to make some for Cinco de Mayo too!  All you need for this project is tissue paper, string, a glue stick, scissors, and possibly hole punchers.

I listed out the steps below the photos!

[ Step 1 ] Cut one sheet of tissue paper into 8 equal size rectangles.
[ Step 2 ] Stack the 8 rectangles and fold like a fan.
[ Step 3 ] Cut a scallop at the bottom.
[ Step 4 ] If you’re only using scissors – fold the scallop in half (length wise) and cut out a shape (diamond or circle for example).  If you’re using hole punchers – you can skip the folding part and just hole punch at the bottom.
[ Step 5 ] Unfold your paper.
[ Step 6 ] Now fold in half (vertically).
[ Step 7 ] Fold in half again (horizontally this time) but don’t overlap the shape you cut in the scallop.
[ Step 8 ] Fold again to make a cone shape.
[ Step 9 ] Cut or hole punch random patterns into the tissue paper (leaving room around the edges).
[ Step 10 ] Unfold the paper and separate each sheet.
[ Step 11 ] Once you have all the colors you want to use, fold a little bit of the top down over your piece of string and glue!
[ Step 12 ] Hang up and enjoy!