As promised, here is the super anticipated DIY guide for creating your own café curtains!!  These were super inexpensive to make (about $17 per pair) and the easiest project ever.  These curtains are great in bathrooms and kitchens, and I also plan to make a pair for the door on the side of our house.  Please note that a few of the links below are affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.

1. Fabric Fuse Tape -- Yes, I even skipped the ironing!
2. Tension Rod
3. Ring Clips -- I used these metal ones from Amazon and they worked well on my size window, but if you need to use more clips for a bigger window,  the tension rod *might* not be able to hold the weight so I'd recommend plastic ones.
4. Plastic Ring Clips -- I've used these before and they work pretty well.
5. Fabric -- I purchased mine at JoAnn Fabrics, but I also recommend  The amount will obviously vary depending on the size of your window.  I decided I wanted my curtains to sit just above where the window opens and wanted them to just barely touch the window sill. ***When measuring, be sure to leave a little extra for hemming.  You'll also want the width to be a little more than needed so they have a bit of fullness to them and don't lay completely flat when closed.

1. Measure the window and cut two panels from the fabric accordingly. (Remember to leave extra width for fullness and extra length for hemming)
2. Begin your hemming by rolling the fabric tape a little bit above the edge. I ran the plastic part of my scissors along the top of the tape to really make sure it was pressed down. (If you start to take the paper backing off the tape and it's not pressed down enough, the tape will come up and it is extremely sticky and becomes a mess-- not that I know from experience or anything!!)

cafe curtains + hemming tape.jpg

Steps (continued):
3. Cut the tape and slowly remove the backing.
4. Starting from one end, begin carefully folding the fabric up until your hem is complete. Press along the edge to get it flat.
5. After I hemmed one side length wise, I held it up to the window to see how much the other side would need to be hemmed.
6. After you hem all sides for both panels, it's time to clip on the curtain rings.  You can either clip them straight on like in my photos, or for a pleated look, pinch the back of the curtains and clip there.  You can mess around with how many rings you want to use, I used 8 on each side for mine.
7. Hang your curtains at the height you wanted, step back, and enjoy!!

cafe curtains + bigger view.jpg