It doesn't matter what room you're designing - there are five things you can add that are pretty much guaranteed to make it feel more pulled together and complete.  If there's a room in your home that doesn't feel quite right, go through the checklist and see if you're missing anything!

1.) Window Treatments.  I firmly believe that window treatments can make or break a room!  The right drapes can make your windows appear larger and more dramatic.  Beyond just aesthetics, window treatments obviously control the amount of light coming into a room and provide privacy when needed.  There are plenty of options available to help you achieve the look you want.

2.) Plants.  Whether real or faux (I prefer faux), every room needs a little bit of greenery.  If you have an empty corner that needs something decorative, chances are that an artificial tree will fill that space perfectly!  There isn't a room in my house that doesn't have some sort of greenery.

3.) Art.  Wall décor is something I struggle with BIG time.  However, once I do finally choose what to hang up, it instantly makes the space feel cozier.  Art is usually the last piece of designing a space, but it is really important!  Scale is key here - most people tend to choose art that is too small.  Always go bigger than you think you need.

4.) The Right Area Rug.  I have become an area rug-aholic!  I think every single room can benefit from area rugs- sometimes even multiple!  Area rugs help define a space, pull together a color scheme, and add texture.  Don't be afraid to add an area rug on top of wall to wall carpet either!

5.) Lighting.  This is more than just overhead lighting- it's the right pendants in your kitchen, a cool floor lamp in your living room, or stylish sconces in your office.  Even if you think your overhead lighting is sufficient, a well placed table or floor lamp will add to the overall ambience.