Neutral, Boho-Modern Updates to the Playroom

A couple of weeks ago, I posted about the big chalkboard wall I added to Nathan’s playroom. That was just one step toward updating the playroom to make it more of a “family room/playroom” combination! My goal is to make this room flow with the rest of our house while making better use of the space.


Here are a couple of photos of how it most recently looked (before the chalkboard wall):


It was relatively neutral, but with a lot of little pops of color. Besides painting over the green stripes, the most obvious step to calming down the colors in this space was to remove the blue/purple area rug. Having no area rug in this room took some getting used to (it felt so empty at first!) but now it definitely seems like it was the right choice. Plus, with the way Nathan runs around- the rug never stayed where it was supposed to and that drove my OCD crazy!!


Nugget Comfort was kind enough to send us their “Nugget”! It’s in the shade “Sandcastle”, which is perfect for my neutral theme! This thing is seriously awesome, I have had my eye on it since before Nathan was even born! We’ve only had it for a few days now, but it is the first thing he wants to play with in the morning and the last thing he wants to play with before bed- it’s amazing!!

As far as other accessories and furniture… I figured that since kids books and toys are already so colorful, I could definitely get away with sticking to whites, greens, and wood tones without it feeling too boring.

The furniture layout was a little challenging for me. I ultimately decided to move the love seat further down and switch the corner that the tent was in. We’re planning to wall mount a TV across from the love seat, so that area will be zoned as the TV/movie watching area. The tent side of the room is more of the play area. I’m also searching for the perfect coffee table that can double as a craft table (if Nathan will ever sit long enough to color)!

I’m utilizing a little bit of wall space for storage here. The reusable produce bag is perfect for small stuffed animals, and the small Moroccan basket (that I thrifted) is holding his blocks! These also help to add some different textures to the space!


So that’s the latest on my boho/modern playroom update! I’ll be sure to update once the space is complete!