Living Room Updates: Neutral, Calm, and Cozy

Our living room has a changed A LOT in the almost year and half that we’ve lived here! When we first moved in, we just had to find a way to make the furniture from our old apartment work in the new space. Then as we lived there a little longer, I made little changes here and there and it sort of always felt a bit off. I think my recent changes are finally getting it to a point that feels like more like me. Finding the right design for a space can definitely take time (and mistakes)! It’s so good though when you finally find what works! (FYI- I linked up most of the sources to everything at the very bottom of this post!)


Obviously the main upgrade we did (and that I already posted about) was getting our new sofa from West Elm. It’s now been a few months since we bought it and we LOVE it! It is so comfortable!

Once we switched out our dark sofa with the lighter one, my plans started falling to place. I decided I really wanted a more neutral, calming space. Most of our days are spent with toys scattered everywhere and Nathan running around being a little crazy man! So once he goes to bed, I want a serene feeling space to relax in. To achieve this, I switched out our blue pillow covers for a few neutral colored ones from West Elm. I also picked up a muted, sage green lumbar pillow from Target. I knew we needed a bigger rug for this space, but had such a hard time deciding on which one! I ended up buying this Moroccan inspired shag rug from RugsUSA and it’s perfect. It’s an off white with a very minimal black design on it. It’s so comfortable to walk on and the shag isn’t so long that it gets stuck in the vacuum cleaner!


I really wanted (and still do) this big jute pouf from CB2, but everytime I went to order it- it was sold out! We needed something to put our feet up on, so I found this papasan stool from Pier1 and then ended up just making a cushion myself.


I’ve always had trouble deciding on what to put in that corner behind the couch. I found this mirror at Target for a decent price and decided to paint the frame white. I think that the mirror and the faux plant fill this spot perfectly!

Another pretty big change is our bamboo shades from Home Depot! They were incredibly easy to install and look SO much better than long drapes. The only thing I would say is that in the future, I will definitely look more into cordless shades. It’s not that big of an issue but it is sort of a hassle having to finagle with the cords to make sure they lay straight across.


This shelf above the leather chair has been styled and restyled a couple of times. I found the two pieces of pottery and that tan and brown framed art at Goodwill! I love them all together.


The last change I made was trimming up that faux tree in the corner and putting it in a new planter. Just because it isn’t real, doesn’t mean you can’t cut the branches! Also— putting it in a new planter made a huge difference. The other one was a tan basket, and I felt like the room already had enough of that texture/color. I wanted something more sleek and found this plastic container at Target on clearance for about $5! I wasn’t originally thinking plastic, but I definitely think it works!

There’s a good chance that I’ll be doing another big update post in a few months because I have decorating ADD— but I feel pretty good about how it looks and feels now!!

Sofa | Velvet Throw Pillow | Silk Throw Pillow | Lumbar Pillow | Rug | Papasan Stool
Wall Sconce | Leaning Mirror | Poppies Wall Art | Bamboo Shades