This year is our first Christmas in our first house.  Coming from smaller apartments, this means that we were basically starting from scratch in the Christmas décor department.  We had to get our first big (artificial) tree, ornaments, lights- everything!  I had to exercise some major restraint and stick to the essentials (mostly)!  I listed out some tips below that helped me stay focused while walking through the extremely distracting Christmas aisles.

how to + holiday decor + budget.jpg

The first thing I did - before looking at anything online or in stores - was list out what kind of decorations I wanted in each room.  I browsed different pictures on Pinterest for inspiration and decided on an old school red & green color scheme.  Normally I would go for more neutral colors, but I wanted to do something more fun since this is my son's first Christmas!

After deciding on the color scheme and everything I needed, I began price comparing online.  I ultimately decided on an 7ft unlit artificial tree from Target (pictured above + linked below).  I found it on sale for just under $50.  I then planned out what ornaments I needed, the tree skirt, lights, and tree topper.  As I was planning this all out online, I was keeping a tab of the cost of everything.  Once I had the tree all priced out I started deciding what "extras" I could get to sprinkle in some Christmas décor around our house.  I bought most of the décor during Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales.  For the things I didn't buy but want to have for next year, I'm definitely going to scope out the after Christmas sales!

I put together a collage below of some extremely affordable Christmas decorations (including my tree) and a few more tips!  The links are located under the picture.  Please note that there are some affiliate links, meaning I may make a small commission from your purchase at no additional cost to you.

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