I found this matching furniture set for a little girls room from Pottery Barn Kids.  I love the style of it but the total cost of the twin bed, nightstand, dresser, and bookshelf is around $2,900!  That doesn't even include any decorative items or bedding!  It also, like in my previous post, has that uncreative showroom feel.

girls bedroom.jpg

My mix and match design comes in around $2,500 and includes so much more!  I used the bed from Pottery Barn Kids but then found different pieces for everything else.  The total cost doesn't include the price of the removable wallpaper since that will differ depending on the size of your wall.  I love that in nurseries or kids rooms you can be a bit more whimsical and fun with design - I would love to try out a fun wallpaper!  I found the sconce and bedspread at Urban Outfitters - just because you're designing a kids room does not mean you need to limit yourself to only kids stores.  I love that the dresser in my design is one that can grow with the child - it doesn't scream "children's furniture".  I think that is something that should be kept in mind when buying for kids - how long the piece will be able to last in comparison to the cost.

Check back for my next "Matching Furniture Sets" post on Dining Rooms!