I decided to do this post when I really wanted to take a picture of our new playroom rug but the playroom isn't fully decorated so there's nothing too interesting to photograph.  I decided to move the rug into our living room and layer it over our shag rug for the picture.  I didn't think I would like it as much as I did!  It added so much interest to the room and made it feel complete.  Layering rugs is a great option if: 1.) you found a rug you love but the big size is too pricey, 2.) you think a certain pattern might too overwhelming for the room , 3.) you want to change up the look of a room without spending too much... and so many other reasons!  Keep reading for my tips on how to easily layer rugs in your home!

My first tip is that almost any rug will look good layered over top of a jute rug.  Jute rugs are a great neutral base, and have a flat weave that make it easy to layer.  The vintage rugs that are so popular right now have major price tags - with layering, you could get a smaller version and save money but still have a rug big enough for your room.

Mixing in different textures will add dimension to any space.  It's also a great way to make a room a little more cozy during the colder months.  Mixing longer weave and shags over a flat rug is the easiest way to achieve this look.

Mixing a solid rug over a patterned works great if you think the pattern in a big size would be too overwhelming for the space.

Layering patterns is definitely more of a boho/eclectic type look and can be trickier to pull off.  You want to make sure the rugs are in the same color family and try having one smaller scale pattern + one larger scale pattern.  This will make it easier on the eye.

For those of you who like the cowhide look - it can be kind of tough to work around since they're an awkward shape.  These look great layered over a neutral rug, just make sure the tones in the cowhide match the tones in the larger rug.