Hanging curtains is one easy way to transform a room.  When done properly, it can make your windows appear larger and open up the whole room. However if you hang them wrong, you can close off the window and make the room darker and feel more cramped.  I'm listing some simple guidelines to help take the guess work out of hanging curtains!


1. Always, always, always make sure the rod is long enough!! It should extend 3-6 inches beyond the sides of the window frame.  This not only lets in the maximum amount of natural light, but it will make your windows appear wider.

2. Hang the rod about 6 inches above the window frame - or you can split the difference between the ceiling and the window frame.  This helps create the illusion of taller ceilings.  I always hang mine right at the top, close to the ceiling.  In my opinion, the higher the better!

3. Your curtains should be long enough to touch the floor.  This can be a tough one because curtains come in so many different lengths - I've made the mistake of seeing ones that I like and completely forgetting to look at the length.  My favorite place to get curtains is IKEA because all of theirs are 98" long, which is perfect for me.

4. Choose the right size panel width.  If you plan to close your curtains at times, they should still have a bunched up look - not lay completely flat.

Those are all my tips for making sure your curtains look beautiful!